Hannah Tough

B.A. Hons, M.A.

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I enjoy new work environments and do not subscribe myself to one industry.

  • Yes I can build content marketing campaigns that align with SEO goals;

  • Yes I can interpret google analytics data and make a creative presentation;

  • Yes I can configure email marketing campaigns using A/B testing;

  • Yes I have researched and written hundreds of blogs posts for many different industries.

Big Project


I wrote 90% of the website content, as the company did a complete overhaul of the website while I was there. Wrote all blogs and social media posts from August 2018 - January 2020. I also created a marketing budget, redesigned and re-wrote all the company brochures, tradeshow items and marketing materials, elevating the company brand.

Most Recent Project


This website is currently in progress. So far I have edited the website copy, adjusted the layout and UI/UX design. I am now working on the company blog and training the employees how to manage social media, SEO and blog writing.

Passion Project


I was the Co-Founder of Activate T.O. Speaker Series, a registered non-profit organization that connected social activists and community outreach leaders with the public. I did grassroots advertising, making flyers, knocking on doors, securing grants and funding, taking photographs, chairing meetings.


Career Woman

How I work

Hand Drawing

Focused Creativity

When the creative juices start flowing, you will hear me tap tapping away on the computer to get the ideas out. Sparks of creatvity happen almost everyday for me. I am always formulating the next story to tell. My best writing happens late at night or right after I have had a delicious coffee.

Crowd with Masks


Teamwork makes the dream work right? I am an outgoing and upbeat person who will pick up the phone and call whomever needs to be called to get the job done. I love giving presentations; I try to make marketing analytics reviews fun. I'm not afraid to ask for help, and respect other coworkers' boundaries.

Reference Letter from my most recent Supervisor at Priority Submetering Solutions


Writing Samples

Concrete Results

Case studies, sales handouts and B2B handouts, blogs, blogs and more blogs. Sponsored print content, magazine articles, web content, social media posts, sales presentations, customer brochurescontracts, grant writing reports, marketing promotions and contests, internal and external newsletters. I have also managed marketing strategies, email marketing campaigns and developed manuals. 

See a sample of my Master's Research Paper here.

Poetry and journaling play a role in my life too and help hone my creative spirit.

I have many other writing samples and would be happy to provide them or complete one for you at your request. 


I have a daily yoga practice to channel peace in my life. My dog is named Bob.
Reading makes my writing better. I like historical fiction and spirituality.
Studying makes me happy. I am always enrolled in a continuing education course or other training program. Right now I am halfway through the Canadian Securities Course and a Certificate in Advanced Copywriting from the University of Toronto.

My Peace

The only thing constant in life is change.

Piles of Books


Toronto, ON, Canada


Pink Gradient

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